It might be Friday the 13th, but over the past 48 hours has been going through the major changes we had in store for it from the beginning, finally bringing it inline with where we wanted it to be.  This includes unveiling our logo!  Read on to learn more about it, and what we’ve been up to.

The design of our logo is meant to symbolize a few things. First, the leading forward slash is meant to represent the alternate nature of this story.  Our Unofficial Radio Drama is a deviation in the Star Wars mythos, a story that follows after the events of Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, but exists in a world where the upcoming, official Episode IX does not exist.  That’s not to say we harbor any ill will towards Disney and Lucasfilm’s Episode IX, of course; at this point we don’t even know what it’s about so how could we!  It’s just an simple, elegant way to state that our little Episode IX Radio Drama is an alternate take offering a different way that the Skywalker Saga could have ended.

The “IX” portion of the logo is quite obvious I’m sure, being the Roman numeration for the number 9, but the design (paired with the forward slash) is meant to invoke both the crackly, static nature of old radio transmissions, as well as the light side of the Force through it’s blue hues.  Put all of these elements together and you’ve got a clean, yet clearly messaged design representing what it is we’re all about.  We really dig it, and we hope you enjoy our logo as much as we do.

Back on the website, the Login and Comments sections have now been enabled, so come Register today and leave your feedback in the Comments section, won’t you?  We look forward to reading your thoughts and chatting with you as the project and the website continue to evolve.  Additionally, there are new Pages around the site to better explain what our project is about, who we are and what we’re all about, and how to stay in touch.  And speaking of staying in touch, while you’re here, be sure to sign up for The Commlink newsletter that we’ll be sending out about every 4-6 weeks with exciting updates.  It’ll put you on the front lines, making you one of the first to hear what we’ve got going on and what’s coming up next.

Lastly, we’re now open and ready to accept submissions for volunteer sound-alike voice actors and multimedia artists!  We know that some of you out there have been asking us when we will begin accepting submissions, so if you were one of those who wanted to “enlist”, or know someone else who might, in becoming an integral part of this project to help us make the finished product the best we possible can, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page!

There’s a couple more odds and ends that we’ll be refining and smoothing out over the next few days and weeks on the site I’m sure, but most of those will be behind-the-scenes, under the hood changes.  For the most part, we’re happy with our presentation now, and completing this milestone frees us back up to spending more time on making the Unofficial Alternate Episode IX Radio Drama the best it possibly can be for you!

We hope you like our site’s finished look and we welcome your feedback in the comments section.  Until next time…


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